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The wheels are turning again as placement activity picks up
25 Aug 2017

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The wheels are turning again as placement activity picks up

It was about six weeks ago that I suggested the market had bottomed but a few kind readers opined that I was a bit premature. Ever since then the Sentiment Oscillator has headed upwards. Yes, volumes have been thin, but many stocks have breached downtrends and have started patterns that could turn into uptrends. Many have improved by 10-20%, and more. We need time to confirm a new uptrend, but the Oscillator is very good in giving us changes in direction. I repeat what I said last week, "if you are not buying now, you will be playing catch-up".

Suddenly, starting late last week, the wheels are turning again. This week I have been offered at least two new placements each day. Maybe brokers have realised they haven't been making money lately, so they have pulled their fingers out. Maybe companies that couldn't raise money in the June quarter have decided to push the button now, encouraged by the improving prices. Whatever the reason, people seem to want to play again. There is clearly an appetite out there. 

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