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Business is back to normal (almost)
25 Feb 2018

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Business is back to normal (almost)

The markets were still convalescing for much of the week, after digesting the heavy correction earlier this month. While it was almost business as usual, there is still heightened caution out there even though the week ended on a strong note with good gains in the All Ords and the Metals and Mining Index. The gold price started to recover from a mid-week crunch down, the oil price had a good day on Friday, as did the Dow, so it all points to a reasonable week ahead.

With no major themes surfacing last week, it is back to looking at a few companies doing the rounds. For those of you who are new to the Weekly, I often write a few paragraphs following presentations received during the week. I will only do so if they are interesting or topical, but you should not assume that it means they are automatically worth buying. Often it is just placing them on the radar because they might be worth buying at some point, but further observation and consideration may be required. No company ever tells 100% of the story in their first outing.

There is a high correlation between companies doing roadshows and placements, so this has to be considered. Sometimes I will be able to get allocations to offer readers, but not always. I rarely make overt recommendations of whether companies covered are buys or sells, so you often have to read between the lines. However, if I have a strong view it will be communicated. 

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