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Cobalt Blue kicks a big goal as cobalt prices continue to surge
24 Mar 2018

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Cobalt Blue kicks a big goal as cobalt prices continue to surge

The cobalt price continues to spiral higher. There doesn’t seem to be anything holding it back as, unlike with lithium, there is a negligible supply response. If a company has a legitimate cobalt project, as opposed to just a few rock chip or channel samples, you can be certain that its share price will move higher. Cobalt is the best sector to be in.

Last week COB announced a strategic partnership with LG International, the resource investment arm of LG Corporation, acting in concert with LG Chem. LG Chem is one of the largest lithium ion battery makers in the world.

The strategic partnership with LG dramatically increases the likelihood of COB’s Thackaringa cobalt project moving to the development phase. There is still work to do, and COB has to complete a list of obligations before it can complete the acquisition of Thackaringa to the 100% ownership level, but the outlook now looks much firmer. COB has assumed the mantle of the top cobalt tock on the ASX.

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