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Vanadium is starting to attract attention
1 Apr 2018

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Vanadium is starting to attract attention

Alternative energy and battery input materials have mostly been about lithium, cobalt, but the feedback from the BMO Mining Conference a few weeks back suggested that vanadium is now making a running for the limelight as it was hot on everyones lips.

In Australia we have seen stocks like Australian Vanadium (AVL) and King River Copper (KRC) perform strongly in the market, achieving market capitalisations of $70m and $170m respectively (before pulling back to $67m and $146m). AVL shares ran from 1.3¢ last September to a recent high of 5.7¢. KRC’s movements have been much more dramatic - from 1.2¢ in December to 19¢ a week ago. A new entrant to the field is Tando Resources (TNO) in South Africa, at market capitalisations of $26m.
Is the performance of vanadium and vanadium stocks just a flash in the pan or the start of something more sustainable? 

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