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Update on a few stocks in a quiet market
4 Jun 2018

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Update on a few stocks in a quiet market

Traders are desperate to introduce some volatility to the markets as it is hard for them to make money in becalmed waters. They even went so far as to attempt to resuscitate the European financial crises based on messy Italian politics, but that is likely to remain a domestic concern.
The US economy is powering along with unemployment rates down to 3.8% in May, the lowest level seen in 18 years. While this may put pressure on interest rates, there hasn’t been much concern expressed recently in this regard. In many respects the markets are looking rather boring without any dominant economic theme. Volatility is more likely to be coming from geopolitical events than any other source. So, it continues to be a stock pickers market.
This week we cover Santana Minerals, Draig Resources and Blackstone. 

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