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Leaders and juniors going in opposite directions
11 Jun 2018

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Leaders and juniors going in opposite directions

We saw a continued improvement in many stocks last week, particularly with the leading stocks as they were recovering from pullbacks and profit taking. While there was nothing exciting in this observation, it was further evidence that the we are still within broad uptrends.
However, the junior end of the market headed the opposite direction to the leaders with trading patterns that we see almost every June. Prices drift lower on limited volume as we approach the close of the fiscal year. There is no point into getting emotional about the weakness in so many prices. In thin markets any bad news will be dealt with more severely and capital raisings will struggle to get away. So it is every year at this time.
The Sentiment Oscillator has weakened off over the last week due to the larger number of junior stocks represented. Again, this is to be expected. 

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