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Focusing on graphene's thermal conductivity
28 Jul 2018

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Focusing on graphene's thermal conductivity

Stock markets around the world are behaving reasonably and that includes our All Ordinaries in Australia. Is it not strange that our mining sector (excluding the leading producers) is so bereft of interest at present? Volumes are low and good news mostly falls on deaf ears. Is there a reason?

Fundamental analysis seems to play only a diminished role when it comes of the small to mid-size mining companies. The lack of any credible research means that market dynamics play a bigger role in the investment decisions in this end of the market; it is either game-on or game-off, with not much in between. When it is hot it is illogical, and when it it quiet, like now, it is just miserable. Still, it is always just a matter of time until it turns around.

So, we have taken the opportunity to tell you a little more about graphene. This time we are focusoing on its amazing thermal conductivity and its use as a coolant and a fire retardant, amongst other applications 

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