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Graphene Sales and Marketing Update
23 Mar 2019

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Graphene Sales and Marketing Update

The Dow has recovered by 13% this calendar year, largely due to the sigh of relief on the Fed taking a softer stance. This is taking it closer to the high point seen last September. Confidence of US investors has been improving in tandem, with investors becoming more interested in tech and innovation stocks. It is likely that all we have seen is a rally as there is nothing happening, anywhere in world, to suggest we should be getting excited by the upside in growth.

Markets continued to be well behaved with low volatility over the last week. The notable economic event was the determination of the Fed to continue with its recent acquired dovish stance, saying there would be no foreseeable interest rate rises in 2019. It seems like the Fed has listened to the warnings from economists, that further rises in rates would be a step too far given the leading indictors being witnessed. This means we have to adjust our stance and look for a longer period of sideways movements of the Dow rather than expectations of stepping down in a downtrend.

On Tuesday, First Graphene released a Graphene Sales & Marketing Update to the ASX. The shares responded strongly as investors seem to have understood the implications. The Company believes that the initial 5-6 customers already identified will enable it to reach breakeven levels by the end of 2019. Significantly, these are WA-based, from a population of 2.5 million people. Transposing similar product lines to the European market, for example, where the population is more than 700 million, could lead to very exciting growth projections.

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