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Alicanto and Pacific American should be on your radars
7 Sep 2019

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Alicanto and Pacific American should be on your radars

Even though there has been talk about an economic slowdown in Australia in the past week, the All Ordinaries has broken the short term downtrend that has seen it give back some of its gains. It has been a continuation of the same themes that have dominated the market for some weeks now. Still, it still looks like we have seen the high point of the market for 2019.

Where it will go, or even where it should go from here, is less than clear. We are still seeing volatility in the Dow based on the frequency of Trump's tweeting and the implications for the trade war, with the gold price usually moving in the opposite direction to the Dow. Hong Kong is still a worry as the world watches to see what China does. The UK, the home of Westminster-style democracy, is a complete shambles. Democracy is on the decline as autocrats and mercantilism are on the ascendency. It is a
world of chaos right now. 

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