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A speech worth commenting on
5 Oct 2019

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A speech worth commenting on

Nothing much has changed over the last few weeks. Politics in the US continues to be poisoned by the vitriolic hate between Republicans and Democrats. The trade war is continuing with the focus moving onto tariffs to be placed on EU goods coming to the USA. Brexit continues to be biggest crises in the UK since the Battle of Britain. Hong Kong’s pro- democracy protesters now look like they have become a chronic condition.

Interest rates all around the world are coming off as governments try and find the key to economic growth, and that includes Australia. As we suggested a few weeks ago, we have already seen the highest level markets will attain in 2019, so where can we get our “fix” if that view is correct. Gold still seems the most likely candidate.

The speech given by Scot Morrison in his address to the Lowy Institute will go down in history as one of the greatest given by an Australian Prime Minister on international politics. It articulated very clearly the need for international organisations such as the UN to be accountable to the diversity of national interests around the globe as opposed to just pushing extremist agendas by persons and groups that have no accountability to any type of democratic mandate from the countries whence they came. 

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