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Image Resources is "shooting the lights out"
9 Nov 2019

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Image Resources is "shooting the lights out"

The key indices in the USA edged to new highs during the week as the great bull market continued to roll on. Consumer sentiment is still strong in that country, and the weight it carries seems to be dominating the more cautious outlook being expressed by many captains of industry. There is certainly a fair amount of uncertainty in the world, domestically and internationally, but that is not holding back the US stock markets just now.

To use a colloquialism, Image has been "shooting the lights out" in recent months. It seems to have been doing everything right and the orebody has been very, very kind to it. You could be a Doubting Thomas and downplay the success to date, or you could recognise it for what it is and decide to get on board for what promises to a first class company with a very profitable future. You have here a combination of very good management under the leadership of Patrick Mutz and an exceptionally good geological and metallurgical situation, with a plant that works well. 

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