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Concrete carbon emissions give graphene an opening
23 Nov 2019

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Concrete carbon emissions give graphene an opening

It is interesting that the Sentiment Oscillator continues to weaken each week while the leading indices are back into uptrend, including the oil and mining indices. Smaller stocks are clearly not on the table at the moment.

Extending the climate change debate beyond transport and energy leads us to the next elephant in the room; the production of steel and concrete. Together, these contribute “as much as 16% of annual carbon dioxide emissions” according to the New Scientist, p.39, 16 November 2019. Addressing these sources of carbon emissions will be much more problematic than energy storage.

First Graphene has been researching the addition of its PureGRAPH range of products to concrete, with very impressive results. Adelaide University has shown that by adding as little as 0.02% w/w PureGRAPH to concrete it has achieved a 34% increase in compressive strength and a 27% increase in tensile strength, when tested to international standards. Further, there is a substantial reduction in permeability ( > 50%), limiting the ingress of moisture that leads to concrete cancer. 

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