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The market is embracing gold exploration stories
4 Jul 2020

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The market is embracing gold exploration stories

This market just loves gold exploration stories. It seems as if it can’t get enough placement stock whenever a company goes to the market - any company - and there seems to be plenty of on-market buying thereafter. Success seems to be breeding success, giving us the greatest FOMO in this end of the market than we have seen for many years.

Many share prices have run hard but it is difficult to come to grips with the concept of being overpriced or underpriced at the moment, because that doesn’t seem to matter. We are seeing the recapitalisation of the gold exploration sector and with the money being raised, we will see aggressive exploration programs that might just keep delivering great news flow.

Good intercepts are always an important ingredient, but meaningful ground positions are also useful. Having an entire goldfield under your control, with both a good exploration concept and intercepts that support that concept offer opportunities of grand scale and multiple targets. This week we feature Manhattan Corporation, a junior that has just announced a new discovery in an historical goldfield that has hardly been looked at by modern explorationists. Who knows what treasures the 160 km long ground position will hold?

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