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Graphene has many roles to play in improving battery performance
27 Feb 2021

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Graphene has many roles to play in improving battery performance

t has been another week of strong prices for EVs and battery inputs metals, as well as for iron ore. Copper prices are approaching a 10 year high. Metal prices normally peak during the later stages of economic cycles but there is nothing normal about what we are seeing today. This time around you need to consider the high levels of liquidity available to speculators and the disruptions to supply of commodities that have come with the virus. The enthusiasm for EV and battery inputs is somewhat of a wild card as projections are based on expectations rather than firm orders. Volatility continues to be the order of the day with the risk being on the upside.

I am frequently asked about where graphene fits in with battery materials and whether a company such as First Graphene has a strong role to play in this field. A simple answer is yes. Graphene will be important in a number of areas but the exact applications of graphene are varied and still subject to continuing research and optimisation. It is probably not going to be a direct substitute for anything in particular but depending upon the type of graphene and how it is applied, we should expect to see that it will facilitate improvements in many different battery and supercapacitor energy storage devices.

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