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Altech Chemicals has the silicon anode game changer
27 Mar 2021

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Altech Chemicals has the silicon anode game changer

Altech has had a series of announcements referring to a breakthrough in anode manufacturing over the past few months. Back in December, it announced the successful application of a 2-3 nanometre coating of alumina (HPA) to graphite particles in work undertaken by Curtin University. This was a significant improvement on the 5-10 layer coating previously achieved by other parties.

There are two takeaways from what Altech has announced. The first one, being the HPA coating on graphite, is incrementally useful. Overcoming the first cycle capacity loss enables higher energy density batteries with longer life. Coulombic Efficiency, cycling stability, high-rate performance and fast charging capability are all expected to improve.

The second and the most significant takeaway is that Altech may have secured the holy grail with regards to unlocking the potential of silicon anodes. The significance of this achievement should not be underestimated. This is the real game changer if the test work proves that it can extend the life out to 800 cycles.

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