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BMG's high grade gold project is yet to be appreciated
26 Jun 2021

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BMG's high grade gold project is yet to be appreciated

Once again we have seen stock markets recover after a bout of selling. You may be excused for asking "what was all that about?", but it is what we should expect of markets where speculators have the power to make them move on shifting thematics and rhetoric and where perspectives can change from one conversation to the next. We never find a market at the correct, appropriate valuation for more than a few seconds at a time.

The importance of the interest rates and inflation as an influence of markets will come and go on a regular basis. The movements in the US$ will affect commodity prices. So there is nothing new, just the rise and fall of the waves at the surface.

Now that the gold price has had its correction, we should be looking around for exploration plays that offer good value. BMG is one such company with a very interesting high grade gold project SE of Wiluna, in WA. It seems to have been flying under the radar. 

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