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Revival Gold's 3 Moz gold project in Idaho is still beneath the radar
28 Aug 2021

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Revival Gold's 3 Moz gold project in Idaho is still beneath the radar

Markets continued to be subdued over the week with regards to the stocks we cover. One exception was Azure Minerals, a company drilling out a nickel/copper discovery in WA. We provide commentary on last Monday's release below.

Having recently given you the opinion of an experienced chartist in the US, regarding expectations for the gold price in which he was looking for a new low that would test the metal of traders before surging higher, I am somewhat obliged to give you his revised comment. He has retracted from the expectation of another crunch down and he has moved to the positive upside view from here. So far he is on the money with the lift in the gold price to US$1,817/oz last night. That should make us happier with our gold stocks.

You may ask why I should listen to what a chartist is saying when surely we have all the fundamentals to consider and base a decision on, but how many people do you know that can accurately forecast the gold price, consistently? Charts give an objective opinion based on movements in sentiment and psychology that are plotted on paper. They are unemotional. They provide road maps of market behaviour in the past, and the chartist looks for repeats of formations over time. However, you still don't get a perfect view. Charts are just another tool. 

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