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Perovskite cells at the cutting edge of solar power technology
2 Oct 2021

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Perovskite cells at the cutting edge of solar power technology

It was a difficult, volatile week we just had as the debate concerning inflationary expectations pivoted around energy prices. All the traditional sources of energy have been experiencing price rises lately, whether it be oil, gas or coal. Flexibility of supply lines for these commodities is being compromised by the obsessive push towards renewable energy, so the movements should not come as a surprise.

The irony is that the traditional energy producers that have been under assault from self-designated ethical investment groups will be experiencing better profit margins due to the greater hurdles that new projects must overcome, with the consequential pinching of supply.

International politics is playing a role here as well with one example being Russia withholding gas supplies to Europe. Saudi gas supply has had its interruptions. The UK is experiencing panic buying of petrol at the bowser as Brexit has robbed the country of many truck drivers from Europe, and this has been exacerbated by covid lockdowns restricting cross boarder travel of other drivers. 

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