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Sunstone announces major gold discovery in Ecuador
9 Oct 2021

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Sunstone announces major gold discovery in Ecuador

We seem to have transitioned from the pre-covid "global economy" to what is now called the "shortage economy", in which interruptions to supply chains have caused a new era of shortages that bring with it the return of inflationary expectations. At the same time the government stimulation of economies (US$10.4 trillion dollars), designed to prevent an economic slowdown, has been fuelling consumer demand that cannot be satisfied due to shortages of components such as microchips. Logistics interruptions such as a shortage of available shipping containers is choking off supplies. Elsewhere, such as in Britain, there is a shortage of truck drivers induced by a retreat from globalism (Brexit). It is all very messy and unsatisfying.

Sunstone Metals (STM) has continued the successes being achieved by ASX-listed explorers in South America, reporting a significant discovery in its very first hole into the El Palmer prospect in Ecuador. It warrants being called a discovery from this first hole owing to the commercial grades of 1.05 gpt AuEq over a large width, from a magnetised body that measures 600m in diameter, to a depth of at least 800m. That means we are looking at something in the order of 500 Mt, and that could translate into a resource in the range of 8-16 Moz, using grade of 0.5-1.0 AuEq. 

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