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Expect to see a splurge of climate tech stocks
31 Oct 2021

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Expect to see a splurge of climate tech stocks

We are seeing new words coming into our language to describe companies that add technology to the climate change perspective; climate tech. Entrepreneurs will be seeking to profit from the push for zero carbon by promoting technologies that will be essential if the ambitious targets are going to be met. Expect to see these companies popping up everywhere, but most of these will be more aspirational than real. Junior companies will seek to the surf the wave of enthusiasm and to benefit from the naivity of investors who are more interested in how shiny a box is than what is actually in the box.

All companies will be doing what they can to reduce their carbon footprint, but the biggest winners will be those who deliver technologies that are disruptively efficient. I couldn't think of a more disruptive material than graphene for the dramatic improvement in the efficiency of so many products we use today. Whether it be in polymers, in concrete or in energy storage, to name a few; industry won't be able to ignore the efficiencies and the green credentials that graphene bring to the table. Graphene is a climate change technology material, and First Graphene (FGR) is at the cutting edge of the graphene sector. 

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