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Next Hydrogen - developing the next generation of electrolysers
6 Nov 2021

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Next Hydrogen - developing the next generation of electrolysers

Our Prime Minister is putting faith in the emergence of new technology - climate tech - as a solution to reach zero net carbon. Hydrogen is being touted as the answer and the saviour but it can’t play this role effectively without continuing technological advancement. Just using renewable energy to power existing electrolysers and calling it greens falls a long way short of what is required. We need the efficiency of the next generation of electrolysers.

Next Hydrogen Solutions Inc. (NXH-TSXV) is a front runner in the development of more efficient electrolysers. Over the last 13 years the Company has focused on designing and manufacturing electrolysers with a patent-protected cell architecture. This enables high current density operations and greater dynamic response, offering more efficient conversion of intermittent renewable electricity into green hydrogen, on an infrastructure scale. Following successful pilot projects, Next Hydrogen is expanding its technology to provide commercial solutions to decarbonise the industrial and transportation sectors. 

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