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Strong improvement in sentiment at the end of the week
16 Jan 2022

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Strong improvement in sentiment at the end of the week

When drafting the Weekly mid-week, I had written that the markets seemed a little confused at present due to signals and indicators pulling in a multitude of directions, but there was a certain level of stability coming out of the turbidity. Well, the strength of many share prices on Friday is suggesting that the confusion is being pushed aside. The week ended on a strong note with the Sentiment Oscillator bouncing higher. Maybe the market is throwing off its concerns with Omicron as we start to realise that it isn't that bad after all.

We are not in a formal lockdown, but we have been suffering from a widespread slowdown owing to high levels of infection taking people out of the labour force. Given how easy it is to contract Omicron it almost seems inevitable that many, if not most people, will have a brush with it sooner rather than later. Once they get it the symptoms are minimal. So, should we just accept it as a fact of life and not worry about isolating? Should we just see it as endemic and get on with life and the discomfort? Nevertheless, there seems to be a great deal of bureaucratic bumbling going on ... worldwide ... but it seems most people are over it. It will be important to watch the market next week to see the attitudes of Xmas/New Year holidayers returning to the market. Perhaps the sentiment will continue to improve.

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