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Mayur Resources - generating carbon credits from forests
29 Jan 2022

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Mayur Resources - generating carbon credits from forests

f you want to see some evidence of the confused state of markets just now, look at the performance of the Dow last Monday night, our time. By 12.16pm New York time the Dow had fallen 1,069 points or 3.1%. It was looking ominous, but by the close of business the Dow had recovered to be up 99 points or 0.29%. Interest rate movements and the impending war between Russia and Ukraine were blamed for the initial fall, but why the reversal in the afternoon? You have to see it to believe it. It was almost a repeat performance of the Dow on Tuesday as the bulls and the bears delivered a tied match.

There are quite a few traders who are nervous about the downside, but every time the US bears play around with short positions they find themselves having to quickly cover them. Maybe the traders will switch tack and try and see if they can make the market spike upwards.

Chartists who have had a long and successful career are becoming rattled by the false signals and traps. It continues to be a challenging market. 

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