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Continuing the deep dive into anodes and spheronisation
19 Feb 2022

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Continuing the deep dive into anodes and spheronisation

A new term has been coined that describes the Ukraine-Russia scenario; WOWO - "War On War Off". Just as our newspapers were publishing doom and gloom on Wednesday morning, radio news was reporting 35,000 Russian troops were returning to base following completion of military exercises. But wait, that seems to have been a ruse. It looks like they were just being shuffled around.
The most likely scenario seems to be that Putin has been having fun throwing the cat amongst the pigeons. He knows his demands would never be accepted as they were even worse than ambit claims. He has been having fun watching how the West has been working itself into a lather in recent weeks while he has been behaving like a playground bully.

On the economic front, Russia needs to keep selling gas to the West. If Biden kills the pipelines then Russia's greatest source of export earnings dries up. It is too risky. There will continue to be volatility in our markets based on daily expectations regarding WOWO, but that is good for traders, so there is no interest from that end of the market for an early resolution.

With the nervousness in the markets there is one thing for sure - gold is back in favour - and oil is at a seven year high. There have many times in history where oil and gold have worked in tandem. That duo is back in partnership again.

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