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Metal Powder Works could transform additive manufacturing (3D printing) costs
5 Mar 2022

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Metal Powder Works could transform additive manufacturing (3D printing) costs

The Ukraine invasion continues to be the greatest variable in markets today, shadowing every investment decision. Business and markets are continuing to operate with deals being done and capital being raised notwithstanding the heightened global geopolitical risk. Does that mean we are not taking the threat sufficiently seriously, or are we just focusing on what is tangible rather than being paralysed by fears. Specially, the resource sector is showing itself to be a bright spot in these troubled times, being led by stocks such as BHP and RIO. Oil and gold prices continue to rise and investors are buying the underlying stocks.

While we can take heart that the Ukrainians are doing a good job in resisting Putin’s aggression, and there is solidarity in condemnation of his actions not only around the world but throughout the Russian civilian population itself, Ukraine is still in a very volatile position. Seeing Putin introduce the spectre of nuclear weapons shows us just how mentally unstable he is, and therefore unpredictable. That increases the risk profile to a new level.

We have recently been reviewing an unlisted company that could have a material impact on the outlook for 3D printing companies - Metal Powder Works (MPW). It has a new process that could significantly reduce the costs of raw materials.

MPW, based in Austin, Texas, is controlled by John Barnes, an engineer who previously spent time working with the CSIRO in Australia. He has spent more than two decades thinking about the problems, then three years ago he built a prototype that is starting to look like it could be a game changer. 

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