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AnteoTech is winning the silicon anode race
2 Apr 2022

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AnteoTech is winning the silicon anode race

Yesterday AnteoTech (ADO) released a presentation that it was giving at the Orlando International Battery Seminar, covering its progress in development of silicon anodes. Of all the anode companies that I have been looking at in recent months, this one appears to be a standout.

ADO has focused on the binders that are used to contain the components of silicon-based anodes to address the problem of premature disintegration. These binders facilitate particle dispersion, provide electrode homogenuity and give structural integrity to the conductive network. It believes that its advanced binders hold the key to the solution.

We are seeing a perfect storm developing in commodity markets, whether it is in the traditional base metals, alternative energy inputs or fossil fuels. Winds will be blowing from many directions. On the geopolitical front we will see pressures from over-reliance on Russia and a rush for geographic alternative sources. There will be supply disruptions as this realignment can't happen overnight. We will see that the swing towards EV cars and alternative energy will be constrained by shortages of metals. All of the modern ideals promoted by lefties and liberals will have to take a backseat as practical realities dictate what is realistically possible.

Australia is well positioned with a vast, untapped base of resource projects waiting for the right economics to come along. Hundreds of ASX-listed companies will benefit because of their depth of projects not just in Australia, but globally. As I said a few weeks back, we can expect exciting times ahead as global fund managers direct money Downunder to capitalise on a wide range of opportunities. This will be the sequel to Geoffrey Blainey's famous book, "The Rush that Never Ended".

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