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Continuing with the downtrends irrespective of the election outcome
22 May 2022

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Continuing with the downtrends irrespective of the election outcome

Last week I said that this might be a good election to lose. In fact, the winner may have just been handed a poisoned challice. Managing inflation and the associated problems will not be easy, especially for an inexperienced government.

As investors in the equity markets we will have to take what is served up to us by the government of the day, but international events and finance determine the trends more than the parochialism of Australian politics. The best we can hope for is a Federal government that doesn't make a mess of the job, or be dragged down into the gutter by media, conventional and social, that excessively amplifies the 'what about me?' cries from vocal minority interest groups.

There will be winners on the bourse with Labor taking control. Foremost of these will be any company that is contributing to alternative energy, be it battery material stocks, hydrogen or new technology. Money is going to be thrown at these sectors as they will be the beneficiaries of Labor's promises to fight climate change. 

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