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By the time you realise we are in a correction ...
28 Aug 2016

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By the time you realise we are in a correction ...

If you have been watching the Sentiment Index, and the derivative Sentiment Oscillator, you would have noticed that sentiment has been slipping backward for three, and now four weeks. In reality that means that many of the stocks under coverage have probably dropped by 20-25% from the highs they saw in July. Some have dropped by more than 30%.
Does this mean that you should be worried, or is it too late to worry? Has the correction already happened? The froth is out of the market and many stocks are coming back into the range where they should be bought for the next leg upwards. But wait, how many people really think that? What is the next person thinking? Welcome to the confusion that is ever present in the stock market, especially for those that like to hunt in packs. 

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