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Black Cat Syndicate - an emerging high grade gold producer
6 May 2023

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Black Cat Syndicate - an emerging high grade gold producer

The 0.25% rise in interest rates caught everyone off guard last Tuesday. It was as if the Governor took delight in poking us all in the eye, unexpectedly, in response to the enquiry into the performance of the Reserve Bank. Though, I am reminded of what we were taught in economics classes at the ANU - the best way to ensure low interest rates in the future, is to have high interest rates now. However, the question is, "how long into the future should we expect to wait?"

The strength in the gold price during the week was noteworthy, especially since interests rate have been raised again. Isn't a higher interest rate supposed to be bad for gold, as it is not an income producing asset?

Boasting a market capitalisation of $130m, with shares at 49c, Black Cat is demonstrating reasonable support in the market place. It is well funded with $17m in the kitty, so it is not impoverished. It has an experienced board holding 10% of the issued capital. It has three gold projects in WA that demonstrate potential for 60,000, 50,000 and 40,000 oz p.a., should they all proceed to production status. The total resource base is 2.3 Moz. The stage is set.

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