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Looking for new opportunities in high-grade gold
27 May 2023

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Looking for new opportunities in high-grade gold

When the market is boring with no momentum and there is no reason to buy, share prices will drift lower (a polite way of saying "fall". Why buy today when you can buy it cheaper next week? That is the market we are seeing at present. Motivation and enthusiasm are at low ebbs. In the absence of a new thematic to stimulate activity, we will probably drift through June and into July without much ado.

Whenever the market goes through quiet periods, especially those that come out of an extended slide like we have seen this year, the traders focus on new stories without the headwinds of stale bulls.

With this in mind we have been working on a new very-high grade gold company with three promising projects in Colombia. Andean Mining Corporation is undertaking a $1m seed raising ahead of achieving ASX-listing in the subsequent months. What really appeals to us is the analogue with the Buritica Gold Mine that started out from a similar position back in 2010, with a 30 tpd pilot plant, then grew to be purchased by Zinjing for A$1.5Bn. That mine is now being expanded to a capacity of 400,000 oz p.a. The opportunity to get onto a similar growth path is certainly very enticing in a speculative way.

Apart from that there is a bit more colour on Xantippe's Argentinian lithium brine project and a discussion on the greening of the concrete and steel sectors. 

Andean Mining Info Flyer

Andean Mining Info Flyer

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