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Diggers and Dealers, The Voice and staying private
13 Aug 2023

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Diggers and Dealers, The Voice and staying private

While Diggers & Dealers was the busiest since pre-Covid, the level of enthusiasm was somewhat subdued. There are obviously many investors and companies bruised by the interest rate inspired bear market so there was an element of caution being displayed.

As usual, many of the people that came by the Far East Capital booth wanted to know what stories were capturing my attention. I'd think for a little, and then respond that I wasn't on the hunt for the best story as there wasn't an urgency to get in ahead of the pack. So many stocks have come down by so much that you could almost pick anything and make money, when the recovery from the bear market starts to pick up momentum.

Last week at Diggers I was approached by a private gold services group that was investigating possible sources of finance with which to fund the development of smaller gold projects in WA. Normally we deal with ASX listed entities because ... that seems to be the game. There are plenty of companies and opportunities to work with, and no shortage of deals if you're prepared to seize the day. However, there rules and regulations that you have to comply with that result in frustrations and in efficiencies.

An alternative is to stay private but in order to survive, you have to be good. Unlike the public arena, there is no need for promotion to pump along a share price to enhance your ability to raise funds from the general, naive public. You just have to be a good operator and turn opportunity into profit.

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