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West Cobar - another under-appreciated exploration company
26 Aug 2023

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West Cobar - another under-appreciated exploration company

There is still not much joy in the equity markets at present and there is no obvious signs of a turnaround coming in the near turn. So, it continues to be all about careful stock selection rather than riding trends.

We have recently commented that too many share issues are damaging the share prices in the junior resource sector. So, what can be done about it?

Having a listing is expensive due to compliance costs but it is made worse when you take into account what executives are being paid. There are probably at least 100 companies that need to be pruned from the bourse, in the absence of a magic solution. In days gone by, when times were tough, companies would consolidate into groups where executives and overheads were shared. This is already happening with some groups, but further rationalisation is required. 

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