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The Voice is the greatest threat imaginable to Australians
8 Oct 2023

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The Voice is the greatest threat imaginable to Australians

Normally I would use the opening paragraphs of the Weekly to mention highlights on macro themes and markets movement generally. This week is an exception due to the referendum on the Voice next weekend. Under no circumstances should you be dismissive of what a potential disaster awaits Australia if the Yes vote wins. We know that eventually we come out of a bear market in stocks. It is just a matter of time. However, if the Voice gets up, you will see the mother of all stock market downturns.

Just read the list of objectives from the NIAA (The National Indigenous Australians Agency) obtained in April 2023, under the Freedom of Information Act. Ask yourself why this isn't being articulated by the Federal Government, politicians and all those supporting the Yes vote. If the Yes vote gets up, you can say goodbye to our long-cherished egalitarian society that we have worked hard to build over the past 235 years. This is the most racist list of objectives that I have ever seen!

The positive news for First Graphene has been flowing thick and fast over the past week with that having a positive impact on the share price. Read a quick summary in the text.


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