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Aguia Resources - strong value in phosphate with rare earths
22 Oct 2023

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Aguia Resources - strong value in phosphate with rare earths

The general market in the US is being affected by the
debate about which way interest rates will go, with many
thinking that there is likely to be another tick upwards due
to the strength in the US economy. That may be the case,
but if we are near the top of the cycle, then we should be
looking beyond this point.

Once again we will find ourselves in the position where bad
news for the economy is good news for the stock market
because of the implications for interest rates. Been there,
done that.

Aguia is capitalised at only $7m with the last sale at 1.5c.
This capitalisation stands in stark contrast to the estimated
annual A$22m EBITDA released to the ASX, in the BFS.
One would have to say that it looks excellent value, and it
should be selling at a multiple of the current market price.
Certainly, the downside from these levels should be

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