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First Graphene opens up new growth curves
31 Mar 2024

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First Graphene opens up new growth curves

The Australian ran an article last week stating that the Chinese had been buying gold aggressively. It was common knowledge that the Chinese Government has been buying gold but the news that the general population has also been buying adds more substance to the gold bull market thematic. As the economic future of China becomes more opaque, and with it political stability, it is not surprising that people want something they can hide from the Chinese Communist Party. Gold hit a new high of US$2,233/oz last week. Everything points to it continuing to rise. We repeat the advice we have been giving for the last six months; you should be moving money into the gold sector.

The commercialisation of any new technology takes time, and therefore patience. Graphene is no exception to this observation, but shareholders in FGR can be confident that they own a piece of the world's leading graphene company. FGR it progressing with the qualification trials to have PureGraph added to cement, to reduce carbon emissions of that sector by 10-15% and unlock the door to a very profitable business. Simultaneously it continues to make technical progress on a number of fronts such as graphene oxide and electrocatalysts used in making hydrogen. 

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