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Nuclear power firmly on the agenda, and about time
23 Jun 2024

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Nuclear power firmly on the agenda, and about time

I am pleased to see that the Liberal Party has drawn a line in the sand and chosen the side of environmental and economic sense in their statement that they will seek a mandate for nuclear power. It is good to see the Party addressing an issue of serious national concern rather than the social wokeness obsessions that have plagued Australian Governments for too long.

We all know that nuclear is the ultimate in low cost, low carbon emission source of base-load electricity, notwithstanding the deeply flawed and politically biased CSIRO study released a few weeks ago. Australia stands out as almost the only advanced country in the world not to recognise and act upon such knowledge. Up until now the politicians haven;t had the balls to address the issue for fear of the electorate's rejection. Well, now is the time for the average Australian voter to fight back against soaring electricity costs and choose long term energy security. It is time for common sense to prevail.

You just have to listen to the tripe that came out of Sarah Hanson-Young's mouth in response the news. There was absolutely nothing of substance. The Greens and other opponents will become emotional and fluff around with irrelevant hyperbole while avoiding scientific facts. If the Labor Party was putting Australia first, they would adopt the same policy of the Liberals. 

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