Recent Weekly Commentaries

14 Jul 2019- It's all about the rates

6 Jul 2019- Nothing to complain about in our markets

29 Jun 2019- Red River - a welcome success that is yet to be acknowledged in the market

22 Jun 2019- Gold punches through US$1400/oz and A$2,000/oz

15 Jun 2019- Leading indicators show a stronger market


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Companies that have paid Far East Capital capital raising and corporate advisory fees in recent years:

  • Anova Metals Ltd
  • Broken Hill Prospecting Ltd

  • Cobalt Blue Holdings Ltd

  • Draig Resources Ltd

  • First Graphene Ltd (formerly First Graphite Ltd)

  • Imagine Intelligent Materials Pty Ltd

  • Lucapa Diamond Company Ltd

  • Marmota Ltd

  • Orinoco Gold Ltd

  • Pacific American Coal Ltd

  • Santana Minerals Ltd

  • West Wits Mining

  • White Rock Minerals Ltd